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In the Greater Grand Forks area we want no one to be harmed by power-based personal violence. We know that just about everyone has some connection to the issue, either directly or indirectly. We are committed to the Green Dot approach that empowers all members of our community to be a part of the solution and to change cultural norms. 

Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy that focuses on bystander intervention. It engages bystanders through awareness, education,

and skills practice.

I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that.

But then I realized I am somebody.


Our Mission

Green Dot is an inclusive bystander intervention approach that is guided by the innovative approach of promoting zero tolerance of power based personal violence. We welcome the entire community to participate in ending violence, believe that the power to intervene and engage in good choices, and to aspire to be a better Greater Grand Forks.

Our Vision

Deliver an exceptional education on bystander intervention to ensure a better quality of life in the Greater Grand Forks community.